Thursday, October 29, 2009

Episode 2: I am so sorry

Welcome back to Lets Play Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals. Now, before we begin this episode, I have some bad news. I kinda went poorly on the whole “image taking” aspect. As a result of my inexperience, I wound up with several...No, lets not be kind here, MANY superfluous shots, and little in the way of proper gameplay footage. Not to mention that, once again, an entire chunk of images disappeared.

So, really, I am really sorry, but I have to make due with what I have here. It’s too late to re-do Chapter 2, as I already saved over the file. I promise that these issues will be sorted out by Episode 3.

So, long story short:
* Roy is going to meet the Mercs
* The Princess of Bern has vanished, to the annoyance of her bodyguard.
* Turns out the fort commander has her, and is going to ransom her off to the enemy. Good to see the loyal Bern army at work then.
* Her servant escaped and told Roy and co.
* Merlinus reveals himself as a douche.
* Battle.

Well, lets get this out of the way...
And the first shot I have is Wolt missing a unit that, by all accounts, he should have hit. I......
Sheesh, at least Bors has an excuse.

For this, I wanted Bors to be the meatshield against the axemen. Luckily, he was on a fortress, which defends him.

I should explain terrain. There are different spaces that have terrain, which increases a unit’s avoid and Defense stats. For example, Forests give 20 avoid and 2 defense and Fortresses have 3 defense and 30 avoid. They also heal a set amount of health each turn. I will get to more terrain when they become relevant.

Anyway, my brilliant strategy succeeds in......!
.....Trapping my army and halting it’s progress.

Oh, and the Mercenaries arrived. I was going to write an epic introduction for them, but OH WELL, WE CAN’T BECAUSE WE LOST THE PICTURES WOOPS.

Sigh.....Lets just introduce these people.

Oh wait, I lost their portraits. So let me just sum them up. I will do the full coverage next time.

Dieck: Mercenary. Uses swords. Is all kinds of awesome
Thany: Pegasus Knight. Is fragile. Decent unit.
Wade and Lot. Fighters. Have no discernible differences between each other. Turned out mediocre on first playthrough.

Anyway, I made a choke point with the Mercenaries, as the game essentially gives it to you on a silver platter
It works. But it all goes horribly wrong. I want Thany to get EXP so she attacks a weakened archer. The first step towards conquering you fear is confronting it.
And by “confronting”, I mean “run through with a lance”.

I wound up moving Wade in bad position and.....
He got killed. In Fire Emblem, when a unit dies, they are dead for good. No take backs. This is the most infamous part of the series, and the reason it is so polarizing.

For me, my FE Philosophy is....
Leave no man behind!

Second time round I.....You know what? I was going to have a much better thing planned out, but after this whole image crap, I am just going to set images to some tunes.

I am so sorry

This boss is a bit more complex than the last one. He is a knight. Meaning he has a ton of defense and offense. How do we deal with him?


Eariler on, Marcus picked up an armourslayer from a village. This doubles it’s might against armored units. The drawback is it’s inaccuracy and Weight.

When using a weapon, the weight’s affect depends on the Con of a unit. If the weight is more than the con, the difference is taken out of the unit’s speed for example, If a weapon has 10 weight and the unit has 7 con, then the unit looses 3 speed while using the weapon. Dieck does not have a problem with that. Characters like Thany and Wolt do.
As you can see (Or can’t because of the bloody “x2” sign), the boss gets wrecked by the armor slayer.
You have no luck. Look at your stats.
Well, now we know! And knowing is half the battle!
GI-You know the drill...
Before I end the chapter, I would like to show you a trick you can use to quickly train your healers. When the chapter ends, use your healer to heal every single unit, whether they are wounded heavily or little. It’s a very useful trick.

Right, lets end this.

"Ellen! Oh, you were all right? I never knew you would do such a brave thing
for me... You had me worried, Ellen."

"I wanted to rescue you no matter"

"It is fine, Ellen. Thanks to you, I am safe now."

*Woman turns to Roy*

"You are in my debt. May I ask your name?"

"I am Roy, son of Eliwood, the Duke of Pherae."

"Yes. And I am..."

"Your Majesty...are you sure?"

I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEA-Oh wait. Wrong Guinevere.
Hey Merlinus! SHUT UP!

Judging by the fact that she was just captured by a low ranking goon, not really.

Mission Complete!

Next time on Lets Play Fire Emblem VI! We....

(Next episode will be better, I promise)

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