Saturday, August 16, 2008

Disappearing Pencil

So I just got back from watching The Dark Knight.

You want my opinion? Three words:

Watch. It. Now.

What's that? Want more from me? Oh come

It is my theory that Dark Knight jokes will replace 300 jokes in 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eurotrip: What I learnt during my holiday: Part I

The plane trips
* My body hates plane travel and plane travel hates me.
* The Simpsons is doing even worse than I thought.
* If Kylie Minnouge never appears in Doctor Who ever again, I will be a happy man. Seriously, Tennant deserves a better co-actor then her, even if she was just a one shot character (thank you Catherine Tate).

Tokyo (1 night)
* The town I was in (outside of the city) was very hilly, with wires going everywhere. Still, it was very nice.
* The metro system is so good, it makes going back to Australian Cityrail just depressing.
* The street lights actually have visible timers.
* The main part of the city is basically neon heaven. Pretty nice too. However, I did not get to go to Akihabara (Ironic, considering how much of a gaming fan I am. I just get embarrassed when I display my nerd qualities in front of my parents).

Paris (1 week)
* The city has a very old feel to it (felt mostly in the old apartment buildings) but lovely notheless. Slightly dampened by the number of Porn theaters and adult video stores I saw.
* The Eiffel Tower is jaw-droppingly big. I didn't even need to go up it to know it.
* Walking around the lake at Versailles palace in the sun is nigh-suicide. I accomplished it.
* The stain glass windows in Notredame are wonderful.
* The Paris Metro trains are jam-packed 90% of the time.
* The French countryside is gorgeous.

NEXT TIME: Find out why Venice is overrated, the crisis in Lake Como and the deal with Prauge.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Damn you Nintendo

The following post was somthing I was intending for my old blog but since I lost it, I will post it here
This post was originally made 25/6/08

How ironic. So after my massive rant on how angry I was about Nintendo refusing to even announce a release date for SSBB here, they announce one. 26 June eh? Hey, well everyone should be happy!

Except me.

See, in a sick twist of irony, I just happen to be leaving on a 3-and-a-half week vacation to Europe on the very day before the release.

YAHHHHHHHHGGHHHHH!!!! True, while it will be awsome to go to Europe, it is going to suck to have to wait another 24 days for Brawl.

Oh well.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The return of Reality Check

Hello. Now what I am about to say is honest and true, so please trust me.

I used to run a different blogger domain known as Reality Check. It ran into a problem when, embarrassingly, I forgot my Gmail address. Since I already had a Yahoo account that I was using for emails, the Gmail account was just a tool I used to get into the blog. I did not go to my blog for a while due to writers block and my the time I came back I found that the address save had gone and I had forgotten the password. After a bunch of failed retreival attempts and some anguishing about what to do I decided to start new and, well, here I am.

Now I wanted to do a new classy title after I found Reality Check to be too common. And I will be bringing my old RC posts as well.

So sit back, and let's see where the new beginnings will go......