Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The return of Reality Check

Hello. Now what I am about to say is honest and true, so please trust me.

I used to run a different blogger domain known as Reality Check. It ran into a problem when, embarrassingly, I forgot my Gmail address. Since I already had a Yahoo account that I was using for emails, the Gmail account was just a tool I used to get into the blog. I did not go to my blog for a while due to writers block and my the time I came back I found that the address save had gone and I had forgotten the password. After a bunch of failed retreival attempts and some anguishing about what to do I decided to start new and, well, here I am.

Now I wanted to do a new classy title after I found Reality Check to be too common. And I will be bringing my old RC posts as well.

So sit back, and let's see where the new beginnings will go......

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