Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eurotrip: What I learnt during my holiday: Part I

The plane trips
* My body hates plane travel and plane travel hates me.
* The Simpsons is doing even worse than I thought.
* If Kylie Minnouge never appears in Doctor Who ever again, I will be a happy man. Seriously, Tennant deserves a better co-actor then her, even if she was just a one shot character (thank you Catherine Tate).

Tokyo (1 night)
* The town I was in (outside of the city) was very hilly, with wires going everywhere. Still, it was very nice.
* The metro system is so good, it makes going back to Australian Cityrail just depressing.
* The street lights actually have visible timers.
* The main part of the city is basically neon heaven. Pretty nice too. However, I did not get to go to Akihabara (Ironic, considering how much of a gaming fan I am. I just get embarrassed when I display my nerd qualities in front of my parents).

Paris (1 week)
* The city has a very old feel to it (felt mostly in the old apartment buildings) but lovely notheless. Slightly dampened by the number of Porn theaters and adult video stores I saw.
* The Eiffel Tower is jaw-droppingly big. I didn't even need to go up it to know it.
* Walking around the lake at Versailles palace in the sun is nigh-suicide. I accomplished it.
* The stain glass windows in Notredame are wonderful.
* The Paris Metro trains are jam-packed 90% of the time.
* The French countryside is gorgeous.

NEXT TIME: Find out why Venice is overrated, the crisis in Lake Como and the deal with Prauge.

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