Friday, January 16, 2009

TGWTG ambitions

Have any of you heard of That Guy With the Glasses? It's the home site of the Nostalgia critic, a hilariously brilliant video reviewer who tears into awful nostalgic works, doing so with great comedic timing and funny skits. He inspired alot of other people to do video reviews on his site. While none of them could match the Nostalgia Critic, a few were very good in their own right (Such as Spoony, Suede, fellow blogspot user Linkara and the Nostalgia Chick).

I myself wanted to join their ranks and make my own series. I unfortunately ran into a number of crippling issues that put my ambition on hold:

1. I can't act. When I talk to people I can put on an eccentric personality, but put me in front of a camera and it all turns flat and lifeless. I tried doing some test samples using the video function and I was NOT happy with what I saw. I have no sense of timing, I have no sense of flair in my voice and I usually stutter with my lines. All that added to my terrible memory of lines.

2. I don't know how to be different. The few mental drafts I composed in my mind seemed like nothing you wouldn't see in the Nostalgic Critic, the Agony Booth or even the image Let's Play (Something which I am considering doing. No one had done one on Call of Duty 4 yet....) . I have things that I think might be entertaining but unoriginal at the same time. What I am trying to splutter out is that I can't figure out how to be non-derivative.

3. I don't have a wide enough range of review material. My focus was going to be looking at modern works, or being a modern version of the Nostalgia Critic (I was going to call myself "That guy in the Modern Era" The following name is copyright of C.R.P at The Estate of Lord C.R.P. If you attempt to copy it then I will know where you got it from. All rights reserved 2009.). The problem is that I don't know enough terrible works to keep going. I was going to do Ben 10: Race Against Time and Alien Force Season 1, as well as Home on the Range......but everything else I thought of wasn't QUITE bad enough to rip into, unless I counted the Naruto and Pokemon movies, I which case I could have done the first Naruto movie and the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon specials, but that would be deviating too far from my main focus. I was hoping to do some of the recent superhero movies  that were unpopular(ala Nostalgia Critic's Batman & Robin review) but there either weren't enough to choose from, ones that I actually liked (I liked Spiderman 3. I was hoping to hate Transformers, but was foiled when it turned out that the movie was actually good) actually liked them or had already been done better (I can never top Spoony's review of Fantastic Four). 

4. I have no idea how to properly edit these kinds of videos. The best software I have is i Movie, which does not have expansive enough editing tools for the type of videos I was aiming for. And I don't think think I can buy a better editor. Plus, I am completely in the dark on how to intergrade footage from the show/movie into the actual video clip and edit it appropriately.

5. No spare time or Space. At the moment, I am about to enter a busy time at High School. So my time for making these sort of videos would be greatly limited. Also, I like to do projects like this in privacy and with little outside interference, but the way things are in my household.......It would not be possible to achieve those two conditions properly.

6. My lack of motivation and commitment. Wonder why my blog hardly gets updated? Really, I have real motivational troubles with doing these sort of things. When I try to think of an idea for this, I either can't be bothered, or get bored halfway. I may chalk that up to my sheer lack of views on this blog though. But it is a problem, and one that would seriously interfere with my ambition, were it to become a reality.

So with all that evidence above, my TGWTG career is a very distant dream. But I want to have one final shot at seeing if I could even do this. I may do text reviews for my blog. And if I actually get viewers then the results may finally judge whether I am fit for such a hobby......

Next Time: Maybe a retrospective on 2008. It was a big year indeed.....

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