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Lets Play Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals! Episode 4

Episode 4: S.S.D.D

As Roy's quest continues, he stumbles upon a blast from the past! And will he be able to thwart the same nation that his father did twenty years ago?

Alright....Alright.....I have gotten over the........You know what......
Oooooh crap. I know where this is going.
Wow. Erik no longer looks like a snob. He grew a rad stache and everything.
Yeah...Spoliers, it’s the Starscream nation of both this and Blazing Blade.
And it looks like Narshen has finally arrived. How far can Wyverns fly anyway?
Oh god.....
HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh god....We finally get a fun character....Glorious days. I now love this girl.
Oh, how could a creepy pedophiliac coward like him lack the slightest bit of finesse?
Narshen does not appear to be able to handle Ice Burns.
What did I just say?

"Sir Narshen, I have just received a report that Castle Araphen has been
retaken by the enemy!"

“Oh. Who would have thought that the level 7 knight with shitty stats would fail against the enemy. Maybe if you hadn’t decided to be a pedophile and leave your army in the lurch you FUCKING RETARD!!”
STOP MAKING R-I....I...Give up...
Well with that behind us, lets see the chapter. It’s-
What the.....It can’t...
Okay, for the record, this is Chapter 4 in this game:
This is Chapter 14 from Blazing Blade:
(I could not find any other versions of the chapter layout. Sorry)

That’s right! It’s a nostalgia level! And what’s more, who was the boss of Chapter 14? Erik! This chapter also had an Etrurian girl held prisoner.
Enough of this nostaliga trip though. It’s murderin’ time!
Okay, it’s time for Marcus to do what he does best.
Be our item finder! Lets see what useful information/reward this village has!

Pretentious bastard. Okay, we got a door key. They unlock doors. Moving on.
And once again, I get a transition shot.

The main issue with this chapter is that Laus has ALOT of cavalry. And they are in an open field area where their skills can truly shine. But don’t worry, we can make through that. It’s a bit later in this chapter that’s the problem.
Since they wield Lances and Axes, Lott, Ward and Bors will hold the line in the south area.
Roy will hold the North. His Rapier has been better days however.
Thany will enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery.
Lance will be on ranged combat, along with Wolt and Lugh.
They don;t have any ranged units, so it’s safe enough to put Ellen here.
And this is the full defensive position.

The first conflict breaks out with Ward making headway on the first Cavalier.
The northen cavalier thought he was being clever attacking out leader. He was wrong.
Errr.....Remember how I said there were no ranged units.? Yeah, I am retarded.
The limitations of the cavaliers leaves them vunerable after the turn. For the record, Cavalry could actually move after attacking in some of the SNES Fire Emblems, as well as in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.
Just for proving that I am an idiot Nomad, you get some Dieck flavored punishment.
Remember Lot, the one two punch!
That’s the one two punch! (I was getting Bioshock 2 when I wrote this alright?)
Wolt. The archer who will kill you, buuut just not quite...
The full killing goes to Alan.
I have a thing with showy formations okay?
The majority of the Laus army bounds across their majestic plans. It is here the main battle will be decided. However, whatever you do, DO NOT ADVANCE TOO FAR IN. If you do, well.....You’ll see...
(Meanwhile, in the castle dungeons)
The girl continues to be hilarious.
Huh. My brooding senses are tingling. Wonder what that’s about?

Oh. Him.

Pompishness aside, I still think she is the best character so far.
The Mercenary will have none of her shit however.

The next turn starts. However, due to an error, I failed to take any pictures of it. It involved more slaughter. However, after it’s over, this happens:
*Inside castle*
"I said, let go!"
"Shut up. You won't be able to escape with all the noise you're making."
"! Then you're..."
"I've prepared a horse for you over there by that tree. Get on it and leave
while you can."
For the record, she will never get off that horse. Ever.
"...Why are you helping me?"
"I have hatred against Bern."
"It's none of your business."
"Putting it that way makes me more curious."
"Time's running short. Go!"
*Clarine leaves the castle*
"This is in the middle of a battlefield! What was that man thinking!? A
proper gentleman should escort the lady to her mansion! Well, putting that
aside...I came all the way here on my own to meet my brother, and now look at
the state I'm in... What should I do now?"
So yes. Luckily for Clarine (The player should be able to see her name by now) the brooding Mercenary decided to let her escape. Unfortunately for Clarine, he dumped her in the middle of a battlefield. Class act sir.
And not only in the middle of a battlefield, but in enemy range too.
I should explain green characters now. They are NPC’s. They are always against the red units, and they can either be generic soldiers, important defend targets, or recruitable characters. Recruiting them is as simple as talking to them with a certain unit. In this case, it’s Roy. I have to admit though, I always wanted a unit colour that would attack both your blue units AND the enemy red units. Oh well..
(Note to Intelligent Systems: PUT THIS IN YOUR NEXT FIRE EMBLEM GAME)
We need to save Clarine. As a healer, she has as much endurance as tissue paper. But first things first, Bors has some words to say to this Cavalier.
So we can get Roy to talk to....What? Why isn’t the command popping...
OH! I forgot! Some NPC units don’t let you talk to them, they actually move over to the unit they want to talk to. Clarine is one of them, the snooty prick. (I Still like her)
Blah Blah, brave Knight to the rescue.
Did I forget to mention that Foot units can pick up mounted units? Well they can. I would make a joke, but I think I will let somebody much funnier than me do it.
There. Get through THIS assholes.

Marcus did not take too kindly to Captain Obvious
Once the turn ends, this happens:

Yes, Pirates appear. They are basically sea Bandits, and have the same ability to destroy villages. For the record, Pirates also appeared in Chapter 4 of Blazing Blade. Deja Vu.....
People continue to fail to kill Dieck
Alright, now that this turn is over, It’s time to recruit Clarine.

Aww man, SNARK OFF!
"Please step back. I was not addressing you."

"What!? Who do you think..."

"Now, now, Merlinus... It looks like she's being pursued by the castle's
soldiers. That's why she wants us to guard her. Right?"

"Um, yes! Yes, that is correct."

"What...what impudence! Our army isn't so lenient that we are going to take
along some girl who would be of absolutely no use!"

"My name is Clarine, not 'girl.' And I am not of no use! I can use these
staves to heal wounded allies."

"So you will fight alongside us?"

"...Yes! Of course...I would certainly not ask to be protected without doing
anything in return!"

"Thank you for joining! We're going up against Bern, so we need all the people
we can recruit. I'm Roy. Pleased to meet you, Clarine."

"I am also pleased..."

*Clarine steps back*

"Hmph! I will not be friendly with you..."

*Clarine joins*
So yes, Clarine joins us. She is a Troubadour. It’s just a Cleric on Horseback. Nothing special. Personally, I prefer Ellen because of her Promotion. But Clarine can be a good choice as well.
I also realize that there is an archer standing right in front of her.
Alright, he’s not dead.
Lets see if Lance can actually do something.
Done. Now I need to stop those Cavaliers in the right from going after my weaker units.
This is when you should use defensive positions.
Not you.

Turns out that our brooding friend is actually working for Laus. Now let me say that this cutscene is the only indication what is going to happen next.

"What do you want?"

"Our forces are having trouble out there. Take some more troops and go assist


"Didn't you hear? I said, go help them!"

"I heard you. I'll go as soon as I'm ready."

*Rutgar leaves*

"Hmph, not the friendliest of people. Well he's supposed to be one of the best
swordsmen out there."
I always love how they try to pretend that low level Myrmidon’s are somehow these amazingly spectacular killing machines.
Wow. Ward actually got some decent growths.

Long story short, the ambush worked well. But we want to keep this position.
Execpt I want to switch out Lance for Dieck. Since he’s more formidable. But why do I want to keep this position? Okay, no more beating around the bush. This is the Dick Move:
You remember how I said that in this game, reinforcements come at the beginning of the turn at the end of the turn? Well see, here is the thing. If you are doing this chapter, you would naturally be advancing towards the castle. Now you would keep up defensive positions, but hey would be uneven. What I am getting at, is that if you are close to the castle on this turn, then they decide to spawn the reinforcements.....
Oh, but that’s not all. You remember how Erik sent out the Brooding Guy?
Well, his name is Rutger. He is a Mymradon. Like Mercenaries, they only use swords. Unlike Mercenaries, they trade Strength and Defense for Speed and Skill. And another thing about them, is that they are good at performing critical hits. Rutger makes it even worse with his weapon:
The Killing Edge. It’s a moderately strong sword with one huge advantage. It has a massive critical rate. It’s 30. To put that into perspective, most of our characters have a 1-5 % chance of critical. He has about 35%. In a game where over 15% is considered slightly high for a critical, that is quite a bit.
So when he spawns as part of the reinforcements, he can easily kill a character by using a critical. Alan had 22 HP. Rutger did 8 damage. If that was a critical, Alan would be dead.
And even after that, he still brings three other units with him that can kill a wounded character.
The best way to get past this is to make a defensive position, and keep your distance from the castle when the previous cutscene comes up. So how do you deal with Rutger?
Actually, it’s quite simple.
I should tell you that you can also talk to certain enemies with certain characters to get them to join you. Yes, you can make Rutger’s awesomeness part of your army. They actually give you subtle hints about who can recruit who for the most part. Some of the later ones are downright cruel however.
"What, you're still here?"

"'Still here!?' You just abandon me in the middle of a battlefield and you
have the nerve to say that!? I could have been killed!"

Wow. Good job on calling him out.

"Then you're lucky that you're still alive. Is there anything else you need to
say to me?"

"Just a minute! You are just going to walk away after abandoning me? I do not
think so. A proper gentleman should take responsibility for his actions."

"Responsibility? What responsibility?"

"If a gentleman rescues a lady, he must also escort her to her mansion! I've
never heard any story from any bard of the man just abandoning the lady."

"...What in the world are you talking about?"

"Besides, did you not have a grudge against Bern? Then you shouldn't be
trying to fight us, who are going up against Bern."

"What? Wait! Is that true?"

"? Is what true?"

"Is the army that you're in really fighting against Bern!?"

"Yes...the leader named Roy or something said so."

"...All right."


"I'm going to join your army. Happy now?"

"Ah...I guess so."

*Rutgar leaves*

"Wait! The important thing is not to fight Bern, but to protect me! ...*sigh*"

*Rutgar joins*

Lets celebrate his recruitment by having him shred a hapless Archer who is probably still wondering why his former comrade is now dismembering him.

I also sent Thany and Lance to deal with the pirates. It’s nothing interesting.
Except for this.
Also, Marcus finds another piece of Deja Vu.

Yes, once again, in Chpater 14 of Blazing Blade, you were also given an Iron Blade. (It’s still a Blade. Shut up).
The village below gives an Angelic Robe. It’s an item that gives a 7HP increase to anyone who uses it.
Now really, the remainder of the Chapter is just me killing the Pirates for EXP. It’s really boring to commentate on, so lets just skip to the boss.

Eric is a bit more formidable than he was was in Blazing Blade. In that game, he had the advantage of having a strong lance and the ability to move around. However, we also had Hector and his disgustingly overpowered Wolf Beil. Nothing to write home about really here.
So as you can see, Roy can take out half his health with a single Rapier hit. The trouble is that if he gets to attack Roy on his turn, he will use his Javelin instead. That is bad. Lets just attack anyway.

"You fools who are bound down by old, moldy tradition! I shall teach you the
ways of the world!"

Because letting yourself being taken over with a brutal and oppressive nation is SOOOOO much better....
Thank the gods for rescue healing. It involves using a staff character to heal your attacking character, and then pulling out the staff user via rescue.
Like so.
Okay, Roy should counter attac-
Oh yes....

"Ha...haha...fools...there is no future for you...who try and oppose absolute
That’s the end of Erik.
Okay, you want me to screw up later, don’t you RNG?!
I guess it’s time to end this trip down memory lane.
What Laus soldiers?

"Roy...are you all right?"
to Bern's side...I thought the members of the Lycia Alliance had a strong bonding to each other. Damn Bern! Playing dirty like this!"

Lycia having a strong bond?

Ohhhh.......Roy? Did your father tell you NOTHING about what happened 20 years ago?!

It had.....
Dark Mages.......

and everything!

"...I apologize."

"Oh...I'm sorry! I wasn't even thinking about your feelings..."

" are right."

"We will now proceed west towards Ostia. But we can no longer trust the other
dukes and now that Lord Hector has passed away, there may no longer be a
peaceful way to end this war. My lady, do you plan on returning to Bern? If
you need anything..."

"No, please allow me to stay, if it would not be a burden."

"It would never be a burden! But why do you wish to stay?"

"My brother is wrong. He is dragging the Dragons into a human war. If he
thinks that that is the way to liberate the world, I must stop him."

"To liberate the world?"

"Yes, he has always been talking about liberating the world. He is saying that
this war is to do so."

Read: Destroy

"What does he mean?"

"I do not know... But my brother is not the kind of person that would think
about taking over the world. So he must have a very important reason for
conquering Elibe. Still, that is no excuse to cause war killing innocent

"Princess Guinevere..."
Mission Complete!

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