Monday, April 19, 2010

The Wonderful World of Fire Emblem! Part 2

In Which I talk about the Generals throughout Modern Fire Emblem history!

Now that the Dragon Trio of Bern has been introduced, I suppose it’s best to explain this theme from the GBA generation games and beyond.

It is a theme that the main Enemy force has a group of Elite Generals that are the best warriors of said force, and have their own group title. They are the most developed out of the enemy army had are given their own personalities, becoming characters in their own right. Some even join you!

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade: The Four Fangs
The Four Fangs belonged to the order of assassins known as the Black Fang. It is established that the Fang used to be an Assassins Creed style organization, who only took out corrupt nobles. Sadly, the main villain, Nergal took notice of them, and sent his subordinate; Sonia to marry the leader, Brendan Reed.
This is Sonia. Now how she managed to turn the Fang completely corrupt, with them taking on any target behind Brendan’s back is beyond me bu-Hey wait! She looks familiar! But to wh-
I....I...I’ve been reading Fullmetal Alchemist way too much....

Anyway.....Here are the Fangs. They all have animal based titles, ala FOXHOUND.

Lloyd: The White Wolf
Lloyd is one of the Reed brothers, along with his brother Linus. More on him in a bit. Lloyd is calm, collected and strategic. Despite the whole assassin shtick, Lloyd is actually a really nice guy. He actually opposes Sonia along with his brother. Ingame, his power....Actually varies. His chapter is spilt with Linus. By filling certain conditions, you wind up with either him or Linus’ chapter. His class is a Swordmaster, a promoted Mymradon.

One fact to point out is that His Swordmaster spite is unique to him. What’s more, his animation seems sped up more that the normal animation.

Linus: The Mad Dog
Linus is the second of the Reed Brothers. He manages to fufill the Yig/Yang brothers archetype by being impatient and prone to anger. Thus, he comes off as far less likable than Llyod. And like Llyod, his chapter is split between his brother. His class is a Hero, a promoted Mercenary.

Ursula: The Blue Crow
Of all the fangs, Ursula is by far the blandest. She has no personality, and really has little impact on the plot. The only notable things about her is that she is the first of the Four Fangs to appear, and that she gives you a staff and tells you to take down an enemy that she wants gone. (Said enemy is nigh indestructible and what she gives you does not help in her defeat in any way possible) She is a Valkyrie, a promoted Troubadour.

Jaffar: The Angel of Death
Jaffar has the most character of all the Fangs. He is one of their deadliest assassins, and is completely emotionless, in other words, the perfect killer. Now I can’t say much about him for the sake of spoilers, but he turns out to be more than he seems. His character arc is also a fantastic part of the game. His class is an Assassin.
Actually....That’s spot on. Assassins are a promotion from thieves that was introduced in Blazing Blade. They had poor strength, but their big advantage was that they could perform an instant death move that worked like a critical hit.

Anyway, that’s all of the Blazing Blade generals. Next time, I will be going into the Generals from Sacred Stones.

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